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ZONDALING is run by kitesurfers, snowkiters, and kitebuggy riders dedicated to promoting all kitesports, bringing kiters together, and to compile, develop, and provide the best services and products for kitesport enthusiasts world wide.


The people behind Zondaling have been involved in kite sports since 1999. Starting by flying small foils on land, it wasn't long before the first buggy was purchased, then a mountain board, even a dirtsurfer! Very quickly the desire to ride on the water took grip, and the new developments in water relaunchable kites meant that around about the year 2000 they started to become widely available and affordable. The progression to kitesurfing, which allowed faster speeds and more radical jumps, was only natural, and of course the snowboarders amongst us also picked up on snowkiting, which offers a fantastic combination between riding terrain and being on a soft forgiving ground. Countless trips and kite-sessions over the last years proove that if the leaves shake in the trees, then the Zondaling tribe has only one thing in mind:


The Zondaling Name
is derived from the “Zonda” wind that blows in South America. We modified it to make it phonetically similar to the German word "Sonderling" which describes a person who is different from the norm, special or even eccentric.



Having been out kiting together in all seasons of the year and in spots as varied as Antarctica, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and The Hebrides, we have learnt a lot about the requirements on water, land, and snow. Since many of the ideas we dreamed about are simply not available, we decided to give it a go ourselves, just like we built our first kiteboards we will now move on to developing and marketing services and products geared towards the real requirements of kitesport enthusiasts. And as soon as we have some windless days coming our way, we will get cracking on our various projects, so you will be able to benefit from them as well.




If you have any questions, recommendations or advice, please drop us a line to: info at zondaling dot com.

Meanwhile, keep kiting, go fast, and jump higher!