kitesurfing - snowkiting - kitebuggying - kiteboarding - powerkiting


The line of clothing we have designed will allow us to stand out from the crowd. We want you to get inspired by wearing our shirts. Put them on and embrace life and give it your best. Be a kitesurfer while in full action on the water, land or snow. Irradiate kite vibes when practicing handle-passes on the shopping trolley in the supermarket. Spread the fascination for kitesport by doing a dry demo of a boardloop for a bunch of kids on the playground.
Wearing a kitesurf shirt will keep fresh the memories of wide beaches, zooming kites and all the amazing sessions you had with your friends. It will lift your spirit, make you smile, love life and love everyone around you. But most of all it will make you crave for the next session, because wherever you are: There is kiting to be done!

Please note that you can freely choose the colour of most of our garments yourself.